The Firm

Clyde Villegas Productions is a duly registered Philippine company based in Pasig City, Philippines.
We provide one-stop comprehensive video production solutions for all corporate communication needs:
for TV, web, DVD, and others.

We produce complete videos having both production and post-production capabilities.

Our goal is to assist our clientele to bring the concept and idea into motion. Through the creative use of video, we send your message in a clear manner, in the most compelling way, and in the shortest time possible.

Our Philosophy

Nearly every major production house can create stunning visuals. But we start with the message,
not the visuals. Our job is to make sure that your message is sent and understood and that visuals
carry this out, not cloud it.
Our visuals communicate your message.

We endeavor to specialize in High Quality Work
and On-Time Delivery.

Finally, our people is the core of our business. Our cameras don't make your movies; our crew does.


There are competing points of view between artists and business people. This is why some projects fail to send the video's message to its audience.

At Clyde Villegas Productions, we truly understand your needs. The director has more experience in other industries outside of the media production business than most others.

We look at the project from the eyes of our clients and craft it to be enjoyable to the eyes of the audience.

The Director

Clyde Villegas
Director and
Visual FX Compositor

Clyde brings over many years of proficiency and experience in the production business. He has created videos for large and small companies here and abroad. He is the consultant for a short film that won the prestigious Catholic Mass Media Awards in the category of Best TV Specials. Clyde has built a reputation for concept building and collaborations that inspire and innovate to understand the project needs from both creative and business perspective.

Clyde has been a high ranking bank executive, a professional teacher, an accountant, etc. To reiterate, he understands project needs from the standpoint of people outside of the media production world.


Clyde Villegas is the consultant for an independent short film that won the Catholic Mass Media Awards for Best TV Special.


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