Answers Directly from the Director
  (pardon the pun)
Question: What exactly do you do?

If Clyde Villegas Productions is a person, he would have a degree in Corporate Communications, "major" in video production (if there ever is such a thing).

This means that while we're pretty good at creating videos, they're only means to an end. The end is solving your corporate communication problems. We shun being known as a video production house;
we are a visual communications company.

Question: How much?

This is a very interesting question... which I myself don't have a fixed answer.

Well... pretty much everything we do here is based on client requirements, which differs widely (and wildy) from client to client. But based on past projects it usually starts at US$2,500 + vat. Yup, a very small price for the quality...
I know, I know....

Question: What are the bases for your pricing?

1. Complexity
2. Number of shooting days
3. Graphics
4. Various related costs (talents, transport, etc.)

The size of YOUR company does not matter, which is why you'll find large companies in our portfolio: they pay the same price as what the smaller companies are paying.

Question: Are you rich?
Answer: Next question please...
Question: Do you do Learning Modules?

Whoa! You have no choice but to come here for your video. Modesty aside (and aside from being the director of this very fine company), yours truly is a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL TEACHER. I actually own a school with other teacher partners.

We've also got experience in creating learning and training modules for a couple of the country's largest companies.

Now that you know, please drop us a line. Let's start creating that fantastic learning module!

Question: We don't have the time, can you write us our script?
Answer: Yes, certainly. Though it would be nice if you already have one so you don't have to pay for it.
Question: Do you also do animation?
Answer: We shoot live-action, create 3D animation, and composite effects. We do all these.
Question: Do you shoot corporate events?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Do you shoot weddings?
Answer: Nope. But we can recommend you to some friends.

For any other question that does not involve government and politics, please click here for our contact info.

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  • Training & Learning
  • Safety
  • CSR
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