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Event sponsored by GSK streamed to several satellite sites through Arkadin Singapore using ON24 platform.


We've been streaming webinars long before the new normal.


Reach the ends of the world - reach your audience anywhere where there's internet.

Secured platform - when you require it, we only stream to people you invited. No gate crashers.

Managed operations - we manage the platform, conduct registration, email event reminders to registrants, and provide you attendee stats after the event.

Expertise - rest assured that our techniques and processes are in alignment with international best practices

Pro-grade video shoot - we are a full service video prod house. Our webinar inherits techniques, equipment, and team from our commercial shoots.

Specialized audio - for two-way webinar with on-location audience: specifically configured audio to prevent endless looping of voice to on-location audience.

Live Q&A - attendees get real time answers from your presentor.

Survey - conduct survey on your attendees immediately after your webinar with next day results.

Benefits are dependent on your chosen webinar configuration.

Live-webinar or live-streaming


Only allows invited, registered guests. Closed to outsiders. Perfect for scientific events, annual stockholders' meetings, and the like.


Streams to Youtube or Facebook. Perfect for marketing, public announcements or any event with unrestricted access.

We are a proud partner of Arkadin. Owned by NTT Communications, Arkadin is a global leader in unified communications and conferencing services. Clyde Villegas Productions is Arkadin's partner in live webinar services in the Philippines.

We are also on the lookout for more offshore partners. If your virtual event requires a participant remote-site in the Philippines, look no further.

Two-way Stream Webinar


Make engaging communications by having your audience in your remote site talk back to the main site, live (Two full setups on two venues, both with onsite audience). Regular live-streaming platforms are not capable of this.



Where to go from here?


We've done quite a lot of live webinars for GSK, Novartis, Sanofi and others in various webinar configurations. We're experts with regional experience in this field and are partners with Arkadin, a global leader in cloud communicatons.


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