When pictures can't say your thousand words.

Added three dimensional motion to a still picture (Mona Lisa downloaded from Wikipedia-commons).

Above: An explainer video for AFPSLAI, one of the largest military and police loan association in the Philippines.

We create infomercials and explainer videos entirely made out of motion graphics.


Infomercials and explainer videos have something in common: they both need graphics in motion to objectively explain an idea. Live-action is simply not the right tool for this.


We create several kinds of effects as well as composite effects and motion graphics on top of (or underneath) live-action shots.

Above: Downloaded picture from Wikipedia (commons), then applied animated distortion to create the subtle, eerie effect.

Above: Tracking and compositing particle effects. Actor Chris Tiu rotoscoped to put light effects behind him.

Almost every element in each frame should contribute to the message.  Unlike most explainer videos you see everywhere, we void ours of overly distracting animations that doesn't mean anything and only adds to the confusion instead of supporting your ideas.

Simply put, our motion graphics support your ideas, not distract your audience away from it.

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