Live Action

Live action refers to videos where real people in real environments are shot with cameras. It is the opposite of animation. This is the most widely used type of video for most applications.

Clyde Villegas Production employs lighing directors, gaffers, cameramen, etc. with solid experience in major Philippine Television networks, corporate projects, and indie films.


Motion Graphics

The next video is one of our motion graphics work for Unilab. It's an opening sequence for learnng modules designed for doctors, hence the acronym CMS at the end.

Simply put, motion graphics are graphics in motion. Still-images and graphics are animated in 3D space. Industry technicians call this 2.5D.

3D Animation

3D Animation is a completely synthetic video created with computers. Objects in motion-graphics don't have
z-axes; 3D objects have.

We create, rig, animate, and texture 3D models. Examples of 3D animation movies are Ice Age, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story. It usually takes several days of work to create a few seconds of animation. The following video (actually, they're two, spliced together) is from two of our animators (in order of their videos' appearance): Rod Cabueñas and Al Lopez.

Compositing live action, effects, and graphics

Compositing is the stacking together of several elements (e.g. live action footage, particle effects, 3D animation, etc.) into a single frame to create fantastic effects.

The following is a simple interview shot made interesting with the use of composited graphics. These effects were made from scratch (i.e. not canned effect).

  Top Uses of Corporate Films
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  • Human Resources
  • Training & Learning
  • Safety
  • CSR
      Our Target Clients
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